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Mapping Jarry

by Alex Megelas and Shane Watt

A general, group reflection on what makes up a map and what could be included on it.

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  • Alex Megelas, capitaine

    Alex Megelas

  • Shane Watt, Lord

    Shane Watt

About the Intervention

2:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Saturday June 4th 2016
Paper Places is a collaboration between mapmaker Shane Watt and educator Alex Megelas. The focus of“Paper Places” is to introduce participants to mapmaking as a means of interpreting public spaces and the commons. Participants will collectively draw a special map of the Jarry park neighborhood - identifying all of their collective special places and memories.

These materials will be part of my intervention:

paper, markers.

It would be great if participants can bring with them:

all material will be provided

Typeskid-centricpublic art
Keywordart urbain